Nov 23, 2007

The New Virgin Mobile USA Phones

Well the rumors are over and Virgin Mobile has rolled out 3 new phones before the holidays.
  • On the lower end is the LG Aloha clamshell/flip phone. This very basic phone for under $30 is the first LG on the Virgin Mobile USA line up. No stand out features, and no outside display. Despite this I would say it is an upgrade to the Oystr, and the white and silver looks much more stylish.
  • Next up is the spruced up version of the UTStarcom's Slice, the new Super Slice. Slightly thinner, better screen, raised and more easy to press buttons, VGA camera, & probably the most exciting of all for VM USA customers, bluetooth. Like the original Slice, it comes in black, red, and white with silver buttons.
  • Last but certainly not least is the Wild Card. The second QWERTY phone on the VM USA line up, most will consider this the best of the VM USA bunch. Like the Super Slice, the Wild Card features bluetooth, dual displays, a 1.3MP camera, and of course a full QWERTY keyboard all for $99.

Of course if you still don't see anything you like, a version of the Motorola W385 is still rumored to be just around the corner, but don't expect it before the holidays.

Aug 18, 2007

New Phones for Virgin Mobile USA

With Virgin Mobile being my favorite carrier, I get excited when they present the public with new and better(hopefully) phones. Here are 4 new phones that are rumored to be coming out before the end of the year.

The Aloha is already being sold in the few Virgin Megastores for about $35. It will begin selling online reportedly by September. It's just your basic entry-level flip phone. Even though there are no bells and whistles, no cam, and no outside display it is a nice looking phone. This is the first phone by LG on Virgin Mobile USA, and hopefully the quality will be better than some of the Kyoceras that have came out on VM. The branding looks nice compared to most VM phones because the colors actually match the phone.

Super Slice (predecessor to the Slice)
The Super Slice is the predecessor to the original UTStarcom Slice. I personally love the original slice because it is so small and thin an it is perfect for what I need it for, making calls and text messaging. The only drawback to the original slice is that the keys were somewhat small and if you don't have smaller hands it would be difficult to use it. To improve this, the keypad on the Super Slice is raised. It will also be the first VM phone to have bluetooth. Another improvement to the original Slice, the Super Slice has a VGA camera...making it even sweeter, now let's hope it will come in red too! The Super Slice will go on sale in September.

Switch_Back II (not sure if this is the official name yet)

I don't know exactly when this one will be released but supposedly before the end of the year. It is the predecessor to the Switch_Back. It is the Kyocera M1000 or "Lingo," but VM usually changes the names of their phones. I don't know the details of it yet but it most surely will improve on the original Switch_Back.

Hello Moto

I don't know what the name of this one will be either, but it's the first Motorola phone coming to VM. It is also reported to have bluetooth and a VGA camera. Motorola fans would be pleased because it's similar to their ever popular RAZR's and KRZR. Also reported to be coming out before the end of the year.

...Now if we could only convince VM to allow us to download some DECENT(and possibly our own!) ringtones and graphics to our new selection of phones.

Aug 12, 2007

Aquarium Keeping Part 2: Getting Started

Keeping an aquarium may be easier than many of you realize. Of course, you should always consider the time, effort and money that it takes to maintain one. Here is a short beginners guide to get you started with a simple freshwater aquarium:

*Before you begin, you should always do some research of your own on the type of aquarium fish you want to keep.

Supplies You Will Need:

  1. The Tank Itself
  2. Filtration
  3. Thermometer & Heater
  4. Hood With Lighting
  5. Aeration (air pump + air stones)
  6. Chemicals (water conditioners & pH stabilizers)
  7. Net & Decorations (including substrate )
  8. Last but not least, Water, Fish, & Fish Food (the obvious)

***Coming soon: How to Pick the Right Tank***

Aug 9, 2007

Stories That Make You Scratch Your Head ???

Ever since I signed up for Google's Gmail I've been a fan of Reuters' "Oddly Enough section. The stories are ones that will make you scratch your head and think "what were they thinking?".
Take these for example:







Aug 8, 2007

Beowolf - The Movie!

[click the title to view video on]

Aug 7, 2007


I was searching for buddy icons/avatars for yahoo messenger when I came across this one:

This is what it says frame for frame if its movie too fast for you:

-"This is a baby girl born prematurly at only 19 weeks."
-"As you can see, shes alive, she can feel pain, shes award, and has her eyes open."
-"Abortion in america, is legal till the 24th week. Thats the same thing as taking this little baby and killing her."
-"She can't survive on her own either. Would you kill her? Than why when shes inside the uterus?"
-"So please, help fight for babies like this little girls rights. ITS TIME TO START PROTECTION OUR CHILDREN AGAIN. THEY DESERVE TO LIVE, NOT DIE."

I just thought this was something to think about since people think that unborn babies aren't people. And just for the record, I obviously think abortion is the murder of another human being.

Aug 4, 2007

Aquarium Keeping Part 1

:my three rasboras:

My favorite feature of my bedroom is my 30 gallon freshwater aquarium. My mom kept tanks when I was young and I have always enjoyed them. Picking out the fish and decorating the tank is great fun, and now days there is more variation to choose from then ever. Simulate your own coral reefs or aquatic jungle. Underwater oriental gardens complete with pagoda and bonsai tree, sunken battleships and submarines, mystical castles, and ancient romen ruins.

Freshwater tanks are relatively easy to keep with a little bit of proper maintenance each week. There are tons of resources on the web if you are a beginner. I'll list some useful sites here:
  • - all the aquarium supplies you will ever need and TONS of decorations to choose from
  • Age of Aquariums - great resource page with lots of information and pictures
  • - one of my favorite aquarium resources, great tools, great information, almost everything you need to know, including beginner's guides
  • - also one of my favorite aquarium sites, loads of useful info and you can buy fish you can't find in pet stores - also includes Pet Fish Talk the weekly internet show about fish keeping

:my tank a couple of months ago:
(spruced it up a bit since then)

Don't forget that aquariums aren't limited to just fish. Snails, frogs, crabs, crawfish, clams, shrimp, and don't forget the aquatic plants!

In my 30 gal. tank right now I have: 3 assorted color platies, 3 harlequin rasboras, 2 tequilla sunrise guppies, 1 tuxedo guppy, 2 albino corydoras catfish, and one black mystery snail

...more about aquarium keeping coming soon!

Aug 1, 2007

Underground Nuclear Testing

My Hand Crafted Cellphone Charm

I decided my brand new red Virgin Mobile Slice needed some bling. So I stayed up late last night making a matching charm for it!

My boyfriend bought me the slice last week and I love it! Check out the pictures I took of it:

Jul 31, 2007

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