Aug 7, 2007


I was searching for buddy icons/avatars for yahoo messenger when I came across this one:

This is what it says frame for frame if its movie too fast for you:

-"This is a baby girl born prematurly at only 19 weeks."
-"As you can see, shes alive, she can feel pain, shes award, and has her eyes open."
-"Abortion in america, is legal till the 24th week. Thats the same thing as taking this little baby and killing her."
-"She can't survive on her own either. Would you kill her? Than why when shes inside the uterus?"
-"So please, help fight for babies like this little girls rights. ITS TIME TO START PROTECTION OUR CHILDREN AGAIN. THEY DESERVE TO LIVE, NOT DIE."

I just thought this was something to think about since people think that unborn babies aren't people. And just for the record, I obviously think abortion is the murder of another human being.

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